Cleans – The Sneaker Shack

The Classic Cleanse

This is our everyday clean that takes shoe care to the next level.

The Classic Cleanse will revive your kicks and have you heading out the door with a smile.If your footwear is in need of a basic clean with a focus on upper, mid and innersole, then the Classic Cleanse is the one for you.

And we'll clean up those laces too!

The Red Detail

This takes sneaker care to the next level!

It's like buying a new pair of shoes, at a fraction of the cost. Your shoes will be unrecognisable when our expert technicians are done, and they'll also have that same comfy feeling your feet love too!

The Red Details is for footwear needing a complete overhaul, with microscopic attention to detail.We focus on treating inset stains, the upper, mid and inner sole, laces, deodorising and they get treated with our VIS (Very Important Sneaker) Protector Spray.

Need Help?

Still not sure what's the best care your shoe needs right now? That's exactly what we are here for.

Reach out to us straight and we'll advise you on what's right for your kicks!