The Sneaker Shack

Getting your footwear cleaned has never been so easy. Here's how it works.

Schedule your clean

Plan your day, choose your clean, add your extras, fill in your delivery details and preferred pick-up date... then checkout!

Hand in your sneakers

Pack your sneakers and we'll come to your doorstep on the date you've selected and we'll pick your sneakers up. We'll then take them back to our stores for cleaning.

Receive your refreshed pair

We will notify you once your shoes are cleaned and we'll let you know on the delivery day when our driver is on their way. You'll be able to track them to see your shoes make it across town.

The Sneaker Shack Way 👟

We pick up your dirty kicks, clean them by hand, then deliver your clean kicks to you.

Your sneakers are cleaned to your specification by trained sneaker-care-technicians within a 72-hour turnaround time.

Shop less and make them last longer

Why Clean Your Kicks

Shop less and make your kicks last longer

By looking after your kicks you are reducing your carbon footprint by keeping your soles going for longer.

Did you know?

The outside of your shoes carries an average of 421 000 units of bacteria and the inside has 2887 units.Studies have shown that fecal bacteria has been found on 96% of the shoes walking around in cities.

This is not cool! Walking out of The Sneaker Shack with a fresh pair of kicks is cool, clean and conscious.

For a cleaner, healthier and happier Mzansi.

Your sneakers are cleaned to your specification by trained sneaker-care-technicians within a 72-hour turnaround time.

What you're saying

Best shoe laundry ever

I've been using The Sneaker Shack for all my sneaker care and cleaning, the service is amazing, turnaround is even better. My sneakers are well taken care of since I've dropped them off at the Sneaker Shack, they're the best shoe laundry ever.


Brilliant Service!

I'd tried to clean my shoes myself but couldn't get out the stains! Booked 3 pairs in online, they were collected the next day and dropped back at my door 2 days later! They look brand new! I'll definitely book my shoes in again soon.


Shocked with excitement!

I must say that I was shocked with excitement with the outcome of my clean shoes looking ever so brand new. The service is outstanding and the turnaround time of received my sneakers back didn't affect my workouts. I would highly recommend The Sneaker Shack.


For everyone

Project Run

The goal is to reach 1,000 Soles.
Help us pass on the feeling ✨

Donate your pre-loved running shoes, we'll clean them up and pass them on to the proud feet of young South Africans embarking on their adult journey.

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