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Made in South Africa | 2 Year Guarantee | 100% Recyclable

Your Perfect Summer Companion!

The Sneaker Shack in collaboration with GRR!TT, have co-designed and developed the unisex Rise Arch Support Flip Flop, a new style of Flip Flop for, by, and with South Africa at the centre.

Our Recycled Arch Support Tyre Flip-Flops are modernized for comfort and durability. We've combined our years of cleaning experience, and the review of over 250,000 pairs of footwear, to produce a solution perfect for everyday living and for all of your upcoming adventures.

Recycled tyre undersole. Contoured recyled cork or plastic upper. Embedded arch support. Hand crafted. No 2 items will ever be the same.

Your perfect Summer companion.

We stand behind our Product. Built To Last. Sustainably Sourced. Ethically Made.

Up to 2.3cm of arch support encourages improved foot posturing aiding for whole body optimisation.

Our undersole is made from 100% recycled tyre. 1 x tyre = 10 pairs

2 YEAR GUARANTEE - Break your strap – we replace it (unless your dog chews it)

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